Vit and I used to be asthma-stricken as we grow up in Quezon city. The attacks were so hard you’d think our skin and bones won’t make it alive. In high school, we went separate ways in combating the misery: I became drug-dependent while he turned to sports. Running, cycling, football, taekwondo. The stuff. Cause […]



Formula One team LOTUS F1 with Filipino-Swiss hot rod Marlon Stockinger in the flesh this morning at the Luneta Grandstand for the Manila Speed Show. My first brush with formula one cars and — ah yes I see– these things are not even higher than my knees but they’re nothing short of monsters! It’s a […]

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Mount Asog Mountain Bike Challenge

Even the biggest mountain bike race in the Bicol region wasn’t spared of stinking¬†epals (politicians who plaster their names and faces on government projects funded with taxpayers’ money). The Mount Asog Mountain Bike Xtreme Challenge, happening here in Iriga City, was slapped with a subtitle: Ride With The Gang. Gang is a pet name of […]

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When Pope John Paul II came to Manila in 1981, he was offered by the Imeldific an accommodation to the posh Coconut Palace. But the Pope scrapped the idea, saying the place is too flashy for him considering the Philippines is an impoverished country with a stone-broke populace looking up to him. They gave the […]

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No Gut, No Balls

Green fuzzies grinning back at me. This is what happens when you try to cut down on sports expenses. I ran to the mall for some practice balls. The inexpensive ones. The ones you can find in a Japanese thrift shop sitting on the same rack with the Ramen noodles. The ones humbly labeled in […]

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