I’ve travelled 500 miles to catch my teenage señorita’s Graduation rites. Only to be caught in a 5-hour traffic mayhem. It’s revolting to be deprived of a special occasion — especially when you’ve come a long long way. Filipino time, however, saves the day, with the ceremony starting late. Plus, a battery of opening remarks […]


Notes From A Long Weekend

So where was I.  Semana Santa + Bataan Day = long weekend. R n’ R. Breathing space. Time off. Vey-key-shuhn! I’ve been visiting some dear folks down in Bikolandia. 500 miles south of Manila. Been driving through the countryside, farmlands and middle of nowhere. Been off the beaten path, back of beyond and boondocks. A […]

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Inside The Zaizhongtang

Zaizhongtang is the walled estate of Qiao Zhiyong, Qixian County’s famous capitalist at the height of the Qing Dynasty. Now known as the Qiao Family Compound or Qiao Family Grand Courtyard, the complex earned a spot in the list of China’s Cultural Heritage Site and has become a county-level tourist destination. It is said that […]

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