The Joker of Gutom City

 NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! Heath Ledger’s mind boggling  performance as the Joker in the blockbuster hit “The Dark Knight” was actualy inspired by a real JOKER discovered by talent scouts somewhere in southeast Asia. This midget of a “Joker” was reported to be the sinister ruler of a land of cheats and crab-mentalities and operates … Continue reading The Joker of Gutom City

Starfish @ 2.00PHP each

Divers and fishermen from Roxas Town in Palawan recently got a new source of extra income: collecting starfish.  No, not like the one below. Im talking about the ugly Crown of Thorns starfish. In case you have no idea how unpleasant these species look like, check this out. It was reported that Palawan’s coral reefs are under heavy seige by … Continue reading Starfish @ 2.00PHP each