Sick in bed with no visitors. On the bright side, I won’t have to report for work today. On the downside, another leave credit spent. On the upside, I get to be served like a king. With the chow of my choice. On the downside, everything tastes dull. On the upside, I don’t get to … Continue reading DELIRIUM


Street photography is not easy. You need to have time. And you need to have timing. You need to think. Think beyond your thoughts. And you need to seek. Seek what the eyes couldn’t see. Now when you find you have everything you need that’s when you realize — what you have is but a … Continue reading CORN


I was thinking, I should have aimed for more failures in life, instead of fruition. That way, I will never — ever — be in frustrations. “Back off a little!” Suddenly a growl from behind. “You’re blocking my merchandise.” That is a merchandise? I see, the nationwide ban on smoking has taken its toll on … Continue reading THE FORTUNE SELLER


A long overdue Thank You note to my friend from way down there in Guimaras, the good prosecutor from Iloilo, Jo Lacson, for arranging us a date with the Bantay Dagat of Nueva Valencia. On her red-letter day. Salamat! Also to my skipper Hannah Gargalicana, for paddling me to the awesome floating bamboo cottage for … Continue reading PHOTODRIFT: SEA SENTINELS, TAKLONG ISLAND NATIONAL MARINE RESERVE


Silence came upon me hearing my teenage señorita surmise about her late grandfather: “perhaps Lolo is far away now, he is no longer making any signs.” Paramdam is special to us bereaved ones. Sort of a pride and joy. To sense Tatay trying to keep in touch in any way is a consolation. Everybody wants … Continue reading SENDOFF


Sundowning, in medical terms, refer to a state of confusion, disorientation, and agitation which occurs during late afternoon up to early evening. An inexplicable behaviour with unknown cause. Twilight Zone is for real. This is particularly true in our office. Oras de Peligro. When the clock strikes four, everyone makes a mad, mad, mad dash … Continue reading SUNDOWN IRIGA CITY


I recall two occassions when I drove my father crazy. First, when I broke the family’s 18th century crystal damajuana to smithereens. The other — a terrible crime — when I accidentally recorded my voice over his Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits cassette tape. All my other sins fell short of these two atrocities. Now there … Continue reading REDEMPTION


Caramoan is pretty much all the same. White sandy beaches. Crystal clear water. Island-hopping. Survivor Series. The usual. There is more to the peninsula, and the people, not everyone can see. Let me walk you to the Street side of Caramoan: There is no premium gasoline in Caramoan. The next gas station with this combustible … Continue reading PHOTOWALK CARAMOAN