One day I asked the Lord, is there a job that pays people to photowalk? The Lord replied with a Google Street View car streaking past behind me. That was two weeks ago in CamSur. The land of gata and labuyo. Where these two elements come together, that is heaven. Today I’m back in hell. … Continue reading COCONUTS


Ateneo Sta. Ines is unconvinced I do my own laundry. A domestic art not everyone can dig. Fact is it’s the only chore closely associated with photography: both banks on the glistening sun. The man must be a stranger to the housework as he is alien to the Arrocerros Forest Park — that pocket of … Continue reading QUIAPO INTERRUPTED


I spoke too soon about finally bailing out of Facebook. My abstinence lasted three weeks. Today I’m back on FB. It’s easier to quit smoking than rid myself of this social medium. How miserable we vainglorious souls are, all trapped in the devil’s grid for good. Just how do you keep your hands off the … Continue reading WHITE ISLAND


In the summer of 1521, Ferdinand Magellan found himself in a fight or flight situation vs Lapu-Lapu’s army on the waters of Mactan. He lost to the latter’s home-court advantage. Four hundred ninety-five years today, I sit on the same beach, waiting for the “Battle of Mactan” — a reenactment of that famous victory; the … Continue reading FIGHT OR FLIGHT


NOW is the best time to conquer the Philippines. When nanay, tatay, ate, kuya are torn apart. The national election left a country divided today. Split — as seven thousand one hundred islands. The newspaper cries HEALING PROCESS. How could friends and families unfriend/block/disconnect each other in and out of socmed in the name of … Continue reading NOTES FROM COLON STREET


The El Niño phenomenon has put a great deal of dry spell on my pocket. With all the bills to pay, I will need all the calmness I can find. How aspiring to watch the horse racing aficionados burn their moneys at the Off-Track-Betting station along the halls of Harrison Plaza. Especially when they rise … Continue reading BONE-DRY


I have spent the whole Lenten vacation in Iriga City long enough to grow fingernails. All the stores on Rizal street sell the same nail clippers — cheap and China-made. Blunt as the back of a knife. The edges wear down as you go to the next finger. The Chinese made a drop zone of … Continue reading SUNTASTIC


The Shutter Games of 2013 marked my transition to the crazy world of street photography. During a break from the photo competition, I sat on a banquet with photographers from all over the Metro among which is this Max Von Sydow-looking figure who ran the conversation with subjects like Robert Frank, Cartier-Bresson, Friedlander, Maier, and … Continue reading THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS STREET PHOTOGRAPHY STOLE FROM ME