IRIGA CITY — The Cereal Killer has just finished elementary school. On Palaspas Day, he walked up the stage, bashful in his shiny toga. I remember the first time he went schooling, everyday was Agony in the Garden. In good time, seasons change. The Holy Week followed and more togas appeared on the street. The … Continue reading DAYS OF TOGA


Sick in bed with no visitors. On the bright side, I won’t have to report for work today. On the downside, another leave credit spent. On the upside, I get to be served like a king. With the chow of my choice. On the downside, everything tastes dull. On the upside, I don’t get to … Continue reading DELIRIUM


Street photography is not easy. You need to have time. And you need to have timing. You need to think. Think beyond your thoughts. And you need to seek. Seek what the eyes couldn’t see. Now when you find you have everything you need that’s when you realize — what you have is but a … Continue reading CORN


I was thinking, I should have aimed for more failures in life, instead of fruition. That way, I will never — ever — be in frustrations. “Back off a little!” Suddenly a growl from behind. “You’re blocking my merchandise.” That is a merchandise? I see, the nationwide ban on smoking has taken its toll on … Continue reading THE FORTUNE SELLER