The Philippines supplies almost all of the world's abaca needs. This should make every abacalero in the country a baron. Unfortunately, abaca farming is not without issues: calamities, pests, and the insatiable desire called innovation. For example, the BSP, just recently, shifted into using polymer for the country's banknotes instead of abaca-made peso bills. Leaving … Continue reading ABACALERO


Anacleto this one's for you and your tribe. Today and every 26th of September of each year is "Save Sierra Madre Day." By virtue of Proclamation No. 413. This is for everyone's continuing awareness in the restoration, rehabilitation, protection and conservation of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Coincidentally, Super Typhoon "Karding" has been battering us as … Continue reading HOPE FOR THE MOUNTAIN


Deep in the interiors of Barangay Gulayon in Dipolog city, Zamboanga del Norte, an old craft is kept alive: "nito" weaving. Where nito vines are used to produce handicrafts such as pouches, bags, hats, baskets, and many others. The customary trade continues to exist today courtesy of a small band of women of the Balabag … Continue reading THE WOMEN WEAVERS OF SITIO BALABAG