Anacleto this one’s for you and your tribe.

Today and every 26th of September of each year is “Save Sierra Madre Day.” By virtue of Proclamation No. 413.

This is for everyone’s continuing awareness in the restoration, rehabilitation, protection and conservation of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Coincidentally, Super Typhoon “Karding” has been battering us as I was writing this last night. With the Sierra Madre Mountains as our only line of defense. And she’s done a good job.

What is sad is the mountain has become increasingly exposed to more destructive activities. One looming menace for example, is the prospect of a hydropower plant to be constructed atop your hometown of Pakil.

Called the Ahunan Pump-Storage Hydropower Plant, this 1.1 billion project will result in an enormous alteration of the Sierra Madre landscape, Pakil-side.

Unacceptable to your fellow Pakileños.

The project they say, is clearly an environmental destruction and will bring potential risks to the town. Worse, it may affect Pakil’s freeflowing natural spring water – an important religious and cultural heritage.

The town is outraged. But, being the gentle and peace-loving people that Pakileños are, as against billionaire proponent Ricky Razon, they have to take this one out a la David and Goliath.

Sierra Madre Mountain setting the backdrop for Pakileños reenacting the discovery of Birhen Maria image, a Turumba Festival highlight.

Pakil is special to me. I made the trip — not once but twice, maybe more soon — to the place as soon as I heard of the dam news. I need to be a “Marites” on the issue. To be at least the voice of your townsfolk in need.

You may view my reportage on the dam problem here. Thanks to Sir Raymund of Kodao Productions for support.

Also, my 10-minute dokyu over here. From our very own PonD News Asia.

Meantime, we await the DENR’s decision on the matter. Join us.

Why must green energy have to be destructive of the greens?


  1. Thank you for your efforts to save the Sierra Madre… will share your blog so others may know.
    I like your ending, “Why must green energy have to be destructive of the greens?” So true. God bless you in your endeavors, Elmer.

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