Bullshit every step of the way. I meant cow dung, at the “Bakahan.” Officially, the Padre Garcia Livestock Auction Market. Where thousands of farm animals from different places in the Philippines are hauled in for auction.

Referred to as the “Cattle Trading Capital of the Philippines” Padre Garcia reopened the market after a two-month lockdown due to COVID19.

For the love of meat, the local government was forced to resume Bakahan’s business operations amid the pandemic.





Cattle trading is not easy. While sellers needs to have persuasive skill, buyers on the other hand must have the “eye” for estimating or naming their price. Otherwise, they call on the services of an ahente to trade for them.
Handshakes mark a good deal. After which, both seller and buyer arranges for transfer of ownership of merchandise at the market’s business office.



Cattles are marked to identify who owns which,  while the numerals indicate sale count. Cost of an animal depends on use, whether if it’s for meat production or as patabain.

In any case, prices goes around 35K each.


Padre Garcia’s livestock market started almost 70 years ago following the founding of the municipality.

Considered today as one of the major economic contributor to the town’s coffer, the market rakes in almost 12 million pesos annually.

(The author wishes to thank Padre Garcia Mayor Celsa B. Rivera, PGLAM Head Mr. Chris Comia and Ms. Emily Leynes for their warm assistance in making this project possible. Salamat po!)

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