Natalie Quintos Uhing was an artist. 24-carat artisan in body, mind and spirit. The lady behind the “SmallestForest,” a now defunct blogsite of avant garde arts and crafts.

Married to Kris Larson, the man who sailed the world on an engineless junkyard boat. So they were sort of a “John and Yoko” pair. Living in a world of arts and adventure.

We had beers once upon a time somewhere near Doña Juliana Vargas Avenue when she visited the Philippines, and her family in Antipolo. (Raised in Malate, Nat was at times babysitted by the midgets of that once popular place, Jim’s Hobbit House.)

We talked of our friendship dating back to when she first discovered my photography. How I am so honored when she spoke of my works.

And then, for years, we lost touch.

One boring pandemic day I pried over her facebook and wondered, why her timeline stopped at ‘February 2019.’ Very strange for a social media fireball.

I googled and discovered the sad word — she has been long gone away. Slipped deep in her slumber.

Her passing struck like a stab in the chest. One, she was a special blogging friend. Two, we’ve lost one fine Pinay artisan. Three, she was full of life and death seems nowhere near. It was a sneak attack.

My friend, here’s a long overdue Goodbye.



  1. de quoi est elle morte ? le savez vous ? je l’avais rencontrée avec Kris à Puerto Lacruz , en 2014 ou 2015 , je pense souvent à elle

  2. I found her blog totally by accident and my breath was taken by the beauty she saw and created. R.I.P.

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