An enlightenment I picked up somewhere for this covidlization:


The Buddhist says “Relax, relax, everything is out of control”


There is a healing process going on. Silent and painful.

I have to look back at the Egongots. See if there is a sign of hysteria in their eyes.

The Egongots are indigenous inhabitants of Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Dipaculao-side. Also called “The People of the Forest.”

The tribe devotes themselves in the conservation of natural resources within their ancestral forest and waters.

We traveled the miles to immerse in their affair, and gather how our official mandate could, in any way, connect to their endeavors and provide a helping hand on a non-monetary basis, in light of the government’s gender and development plan.

With the question of how.

Aurora province — Dipaculao for that matter — is either water or woodland, so much so that livelihood is reduced to either agriculture or fishing and nothing more.

The Egongots share the typical challenges as any indigenous tribe: the pressing issue as to awareness, empowerment, sustainability, lack of financial resources, education, skills, motivation. Hopes and dreams?

Our travel agenda is purely exploratory in nature. Will bureaucracy fit Sierra Mountain Range subsistence?

Together with Paul Watts of Daluhay Daloy ng Buhay — an NGO working on ethnoecology and environmental protection — the expedition managed to establish a set of mitigating game plans for the Egongots.

Then COVID19 comes along.

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