Harrison Plaza signing off December 31, 2019.

End of an era. Along with it, a mess of memories.

Here’s my collection of random images of HP scenes spanning ten years ago onwards. The ones easily available at hand.

Although not really a photographer’s shangri-la, I am nevertheless glad to have taken some time for aimless shots of the place once in a while. You will never know what you have till it’s gone.

In the ’90s, work brought me to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas complex, right across Harrison Plaza. We refer to the mall as “kabila.”

“Where is Elmer?”

“Nasa kabila po.”

Harrison Plaza is not my childhood mall (since — as a Quezon Cityer — we have Ali Mall and C.O.D. throughout my uhugin days). But the place has become stomping ground to me longer than any spot. And mas malapit sa trabaho, mas malapit sa puso.

Actually spent more time in HP than at home.

Harrison Plaza is testament to my first date. A long long time ago. With the one that got away.

I will never know what made her run away. The words in the greeting card she left me were all awashed with tears.

The first and only movie I saw in HP Cinema was a Carlo J. Caparas flick — the sort of films you would go for when you are not really in for the watching.

You get my drift

HP used to be the toast of Malate. And home to “tooth fairies”. You can’t help it the place sits on once-upon-a-time tourist belt cum red light district.

Soon, the cinemas turned into chapels, while the women grew older.

Above: A parting shot of noted artist extraordinaire and idol Ka Freddie Luna Cruz. One of a few remaining original tenants of Harrison Plaza dating back to “Linda Carter” days.

And below: The star of Malate in one final shot.

Closing out sale.


  1. This is where we bought our uniform – beige long sleeves and green khaki pants, …a place where we had our dinner before installing the “backdrop” at the PICC. As I remembered those times, perhaps you will also remember something thru this song lyrics while having your phone conversation… ” if, someone else would come, I hope it would be someone who’ll love you more, and will take care of you… much more than I can do…”
    Happy new year parih!

    1. Ha-ha-ha-happy new year! Antindi ng memory mo parih, 1 terrabyte siguro yan. Those were the days my friend we thought theyd never end. Ang lungkot.

      Ang backdrop na muntik bumagsak kay Sen. Raul Roco.

      Beige na long sleeves at khaki pants, parang metrocom ah..

      Matindi ka talaga Anacleto.

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