Find out how the years have passed you by, simply by seeing how your once revered pop idols grow old. I’ve just watched a senior citizened Depeche Mode on Youtube.

Another way to be cognizant of the “feebling in years”, is to observe odd sleeping habits.

When I was a little boy I would wake up at an ungodly hour having the need to tinkle. But I was too afraid of the dark so I’d wait for hours for a household to rise.

Years went on and I began to appreciate the dead of night. Evening shadows, enjoying the quietest time of day.

Today, I would wake up on murkiness, never to go back to sleep again.

Too many crazy thoughts:

I want a photowalk in Japan.

I fought the Facebook itch — and the Facebook itch won.

I used to think about life. Now I am curious of death.

The future. Nothing but a light at the end of an endless tunnel.

2:30 am December 13. Still awake.

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Cebu city

One sleepless night in Cebu city I took a leisurely walk at the Sto. Niño Cathedral, awaiting for the church bells to ring.

I have to express my genuine thanks for an answered prayer.

A few weeks earlier, I was in Cagayan de Oro listening to Atty. Kay’s story about how she took and passed the Bar exam with her tiny Sto. Niño piece in hand. When I got me to Cebu, I took the chance to visit the same Sto. Niño and — in the same light — asked for success for my daughter who was scheduled to take the Board exam.

My daughter — my erstwhile Teenage Senyorita, though not the brightest, sharpest of kind — struggled her way from grade school to college without me every step of the way.

Now with her passing the Psychometrist board exam, I could say somebody up there is on our side.

2 thoughts on “EVENING SHADOWS

  1. Basilica Minor del Sto. Niño is my first stop every time I visit the Queen City of the South (2nd actually, my 1st is the travelers’ lounge to deposit my gear bag), there is something that beckons me to pay homage with the little Child. My Cebu trip is not complete without it.

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