I’m taking the annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk (SKWWPW) in Paete, Laguna on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Photographers, street photographers, travel photographers, amateurs, pros, hobbyists, or simply looking around. If you are somewhere near, this is your chance to photowalk the place.

Paete is a good place for photography. An artisan’s realm. The Carving Capital of the Philippines. Loaded with works of art. Tightly knitted neighborhood with a network of iskinitas. Homespun colors. Anywhere is a walking distance.

Register to join: I have already hauled in a bunch of noted photographers from Manila and CALABARZON. You may visit the site’s Discussion portion for inquiries.

I initially placed my mobile number on display but instantly removed it after discovering it’s not “for participants eye only.” You know — evils abound.

Just the other day I received an anonymous call. Goes by the name of “Kumander Dodong” and claims to be an NPA. Threatening to blow up the company if I don’t give in to his demands.

Only, he doesn’t seem to have any idea who or what company he is calling.

So much for Budol-Budol Gangs, consider this as my personal invitation: come with us to the other side of the Lake!

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