What is it with convenience stores always asking for smaller bills — when I don’t have small bills nor large bills.

Thirty years ago, I would drop in a convenience store with only a small bill, and I could bring me home a pack of bread, cheese, a can of milk, cake mix, and so on. Can’t do that anymore, too many CCTV cameras!

L ‘Fisher Hotel, Lacson St., Bacolod City.

Today, I realized how much I am being watched:

Glister del Socorro made me look over the list of Malate followers — one thousand four hundred-plus beautiful people now! Maraming salamat sa inyo. I never knew how much my lazy work is appreciated.

Glister is the adventurer in Chasing Potatoes aka The Wanderlust Keeper. Audacious as a Cebuana could be. Destined to be great dot com.

Thank you.

In like manner, I am offering a moment of silence for the demise of the most kindhearted Cebuano I have ever known, my former boss Camilo Montenegro. Quiet, unassuming, man of intellect and integrity.

To have raised a glass of Tanduay with whom is a privilege. Salute to a good man. Makes me want to take a shot of that rhum once more.

His passing was coincidental with the death of his beloved dog, Jonah, twenty four hours earlier. Buddies to the end.

I shared this story with another animal lover, Teacher Carol of The Children’s Ark Preparatory School. But she begged me not to speak further of death. She’d just lost two of her cat companions.

Death, to me, should be treated like a handshake. An everyday proceeding.

I am not afraid of death. It’s dying I’m panicky of.

You see, to appreciate life is to appreciate death.

And vice versa.


  1. Loved the opening photo ~ and you’ve given me words to contemplate this Saturday morning: “You see, to appreciate life is to appreciate death. And vice versa.” Beautiful.

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