1. Great images and congratulations on reaching 10 years blogging.

    You’re only as old as you feel.

    Sometimes I feel 101, but then I was born before TV was introduced in Australia. In ‘my day’, it was safe to walk home from school on your own, although my Mother collected me in the first couple of years of school.

    I worked in an office when computers were introduced into my day and there was a whole room full of computer equipment.

    My very first pay packet when I started working in the fashion industry after college was $28.60 (working 8-4pm 3 days per week and 8-6pm 2 days). I went over to London in 1978/79 with $4000 from working 3 jobs. An average 3 bedroom house was only $25000. Now you would barely get a small one bedroom apartment for $360,000- $500,000 in an inner city suburb in Melbourne.

    Do you feel a bit younger now? 🙂

    1. I feel blessed I have tales to tell.

      I was born when only one family owns a TV in the neighborhood. In my day it was safe to drink straight from the water tap.

      My first job, I worked in a company where only a handful understands computer.

      My first paycheck could buy me a pair of Levis.

      Thank you!

  2. 10 years of Malate.com? Whew! For me I am just starting… just got my WordPress account yesterday, coincidence that you’re your blog is 10 years older than mine, like your age to mine, kuya! In everything, you did things first then time finds its way when you teach me those things. Holding the camera is one of them and seeing more of you works making me feel great! Maraming Salamat! Congratulation to us as Lolo, at the same time and congratulation to Malate.com!!! Miss you Brad!

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