After Typhoon Nina’s devastation of Iriga city, Irigueños were faced with an enormous task of clearing the place. Everyday tons of waste have to be dealt with.

I watched from atop Ilian Hill this remarkable scene unfolds as everyone starts setting debris on fire: the whole city appears to go up in smoke!

The following day is pretty much the same. The clearing and the burning. It has become my favorite sight every late afternoon to watch Iriga city “burn.”

Have a look. An escalated version of the scene from The Lord of the Ring’s Lighting of the Beacons.

On the other hand, could be a moderate depiction of what…battlefield Marawi city?

Months on after the storm, every manoy and manay now enjoys the peace and tranquility of the region. The colors, the order, the normalcy. So much to be thankful for. One needs not see it in Marawi to be grateful for the way things are right now.

I am thankful for the golden sun. A rare occurence in this time of year.

2 thoughts on “THE SUNSET ON YOUR FACE

  1. Kagandahan, as always. Missed you. Halos basura na’ng laptop ko, nago-overheat in 30 minutes…bihira akong nakaka-browse-browse ng mga blogs sa reader ko. Kamusta na, sensei? 😉

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