7 thoughts on “PHOTOWALK CARAMOAN”

    1. Still no decent power supply in Caramoan. Development is bad in CamSur especially in far flung areas as Caramoan. On the bright side, yes, underdevelopment saved the place from succumbing to the same fate as Boracay. Or El Nido maybe

  1. Looking at your pictures of Caramoan made me feel sad a little at how sad the faces of the locals are. Not one smiling face. You’ve captured the vulnerability of these people in your photos. Good job!

  2. It will come, you know. El Nido had no electricity either, well into the 21st century. We left in 2005. I recently looked it up on Google maps and BAM! right there, on the spot where we lived in a fisherman’s shack in a secluded bay of out very own, with monkeys in our mango trees and turtles on our beach, was a desert of dirty beach sand, rickety tourist bars, and an ugly split- level hotel ascending the hill behind. No sign of my flower garden, the mango trees, nor of the jungle that hemmed us in. I swear I will never set foot in El Nido again. My heart’s been broken.

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