14 thoughts on “ESCAPING CHRISTMAS”

    1. A mother — with child in tow — approached me yesterday asking for directions. She needs to get to this recruitment agency which offers jobs for Malaysia. While everybody’s tied up with the holiday madness, some are simply lost getting through with their lives.

  1. I was in Iriga once but I barely remember the area but Bicol has always been part of my college escapades!
    Was that you by the door frame looking out? were you singing “ang pasko ay sumapit’?

  2. Wonderful story and great photography. Really enjoyed your narration. Better you then me though, my bad knee would have probably been screaming bloody murder ¼ of the way there. I miss that ability to be able to scramble around the hills and mountains.

  3. I did the sam elmer…. Went to spend christmas at Mt. Province away from the noisy city … I felt energize but so lonely too. looking forward to spend many day there again…. so beautiful and simple….

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