7 thoughts on “IRIGA CITY IN A SNAP”

  1. It is amazing to me how even the smallest towns have a 7-11 now, while there were none when I left Manila in 1970. (I think they are now owned by a Japanese company.) Progress… 😉

    1. Just opened earlier this year. Although there used to be a 24/7 convenience store in the town. It’s called 9-Lucky. Chinese owned. In Manila, every corner is entrenched with 7-Eleven if not its no. 1 competitor “MINISTOP.” And then there’s the Family Mart.

      We have more convenience stores than police outposts here

  2. Great series, really like the first shot ~ the motion as well as the contrast… There is something about capture a place the way it exists now (and never will be that way again). Cheers.

  3. I was born and raised in my Beloved Iriga…The Pictures touch a chord that will always remind us that wherever we go and whatever we achieved,We need to Look back and be Grateful…

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