1. Some really wonderful images. I particularly liked the following: The image of the statues “hanging” over the open air cafe – I get a feeling “big brothers watching”; the water picture – very spontaneous; the student gesturing in the lower right corner of the very dark image – very strong impact; the intense light in the center – this really pulls your eye into the center but still leaves a strong sense of motion throughout the image. I look forward to seeing future series. Thanks for taking these images and sharing them.

    1. The cafe is on the roof deck of the main building, I should have taken the shot somewhere from a higher position to include the people on the ground and the cityscape. A lot of “should haves” for me in this series actually. Thank you Sir!

  2. wonderful photos of the Main Building. The most historical and has an intricate architectural edifice in the campus. That’s my home during my college years. Honestly, I’ve seen the whole campus in it’s organic design and simplicity from way back. My only school from preschool to college days 🙂

  3. Thank you for showing these pictures of UST. Have heard so much about it but haven’t been there yet.
    Someday in the near future I will visit. What I liked most is the architectural design of the main building itself. It must be a wonderful campus to roam around and take pictures. I’m truly impressed.

  4. Cool! You’re a Thomasian too! Great photos and awesome project! Makes wanna go there too and have my set too! :)) See you around brother! Kudos! More power! 🙂

  5. 1611, older than most U.S. Universities. The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, where I graduated from, dates back to 1871. Lots of history on this sprawling campus in the middle of Manila. The Main Building was a prisoner of war camp for foreigners during the Japanese Occupation in World War 2 (1942-1945.) Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero and several Filipino Presidents studied here. In a life-changing moment at the UST Hospital, I met my future wife Dell during my senior year. We were both graduating that year, she from Nursing and I from Medicine. Our daughter Samantha was born at UST Hospital on our first wedding anniversary (Hello Honeymoon Baby!)

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