Dear Steve. Thank you for sharing this image on your fb timeline. I’ve been doing the same but via tweets! I know how you feel about this, considering how you adorn your site header. So today I’m veering off from my usual subject and spread this as viral as it could and maybe — at the very least — wipe out the plague from Tagaytay city officials’ coconuts.

In conformity with Manila’s Pambansang Photobomb, allow me to call this the Torre De Tagaytay. Or Tagaytay Photobomb.

In any case, your romantic adoration for the picturesque Taal Lake is over. You hear? Over.


And FYI Steve, I took this image with a smartphone. Because you see, I don’t bring camera to this place called Picnic Grove anymore. There is nothing here worthy of a snap now. You don’t believe me. This place is a dump.

Truly yours. Elmer.


  1. I was pleased to be able to “share” this very sayang news about Tagaytay with my FB freinds, who share our attitude. Maybe some natural disaster will topple that tower….

    But the nice thing about memories is that they cannot be defaced, built over, etc. as what has happened with Tagaytay, Army Navy Club, Admiral Apartments, etc. For those of us who lived in Manila “when” , it is still there in our mind’s eye.

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