13 thoughts on “FAREWELL, ADMIRAL”

      1. Couldn’t figure out how to add you when I got to your page. You may have a setting that only allows certain people to add you.

        I can add anyone, so if you do a search for me (Steve Fellerman) I think I’m the only one with my name. If not, look for the one from American School.

  1. It’s sad. I was born and bred in Manila and Malate was my playground . Admiral was neighbor to my school and Army Navy was neighbor to the hospital where I used to work.
    I have to say that I somehow believe what you say about the incumbent mayor — I was with several, and I kinda like the way it was with the white haired Chinese looking Tondo born mayor, well the one I knew growing up, at least he’s moral in my opinion.
    I think the slurry mayor is turning Manila into San Juan where its an urban jungle, the jungle he left for Manila, new place to exploit and sell to the Chinese.
    It’s sad.

  2. I spent many days with friends at the Army Navy Club when we were in High School. Like the UP buildings in Padre Faura, the architecture brought us back to the days of yore….Sayang and ANC, sayang and Admiral. What’s next? Poor Manila.

  3. I don’t want to generalize, but I think Filipinos have no sense of history and heritage. Beautiful historical buildings are replaced with modern ones, which , over time, become grimy and even uglier. Manila is not postcard pretty.

      1. Unbelievable. As if the view from up there is nay “better.’ I will put link on my FB page.

        (And yes, that FB photo is me in college in 1971.. I’m not yet “calbo” but I’ve got a big spot on the crown that grows bigger and bigger each year. But I am 63, and many friends have even less hair than me. I think I may like not having to get haircuts…)

  4. I guess my comment is quite too late, but with this kind of news to know and somewhat a reality keeps on happening in our society, are really annoying and disappointing. This is one of the realization that our own government doesn’t really care of our history, they just don’t really care … what do we really expect in our government, is there something us normal people can do to prevent this to happen again?

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