1. That guard guy looks pretty serious. You’d better listen to him!

    I liked how, despite the pictures are supposedly of walls and “not much to look” at, you chose to display the pictures in BW, which still showed off the vibrancy of streets. I particularly love the picture of the faded peeling walls, two little windows framing the brick walls in the background, juxtaposing with the paved brick ground. Not much in terms of subject matter for sure, but everything comes alive in your shot. Hope you are well, Elmer!

  2. i’ll be raiding the walls again, i will fight for my right of self expression… this is BS… the fight is not yet over…
    “Shoots for commercial advertisements, videos, infomercials, events such as prenuptial, and other commercial productions need permission from the managements of NPDC and IA to ensure that the well-being of the photographers are taken care of, as well as make certain that everything goes smoothly during the shoot.” means if we can handle ourselves, we do not need their security, or their excuse for harassing photographers…

  3. FUnny, it looks the same still all these years later… I wouldn’t know it was 2014 and not 1987. I guess that’s supposed to be the point of preserving history. Great photographs.

  4. Your last two posts fill me with a sense of doom. When heritage structures are torn down and photography is banned in the places that actually are worthy of photography, you gotta wonder what’s going on. The awful things people do for money. 😦

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