13 thoughts on “HUMANS OF ILOCOS”

      1. Noisy cameras. Sony is introducing a mirrorless camera that some members in the camera club I’m a member of rave about. It also proves that sometimes we only have one shot at something. This is the reason I keep my camera on continuos shooting.

  1. I really liked number #12 and the one with the girl at the ocean looking at you. Saw calesas in those photos, which I thought might be extinct by now. Not a fast way to get around…

  2. now, don’t go a crying for not winning the contest. these shots are good. I really like the photos 4th and 7th, for no particular reason. While Vigan is beyond doubt a historical treasure, I’ve heard tales of its glamour and color. why the black and white? for the contest, I presume? Not that it matters. I find most of your shots poignant.

  3. Thank you for visiting my site and commenting. I am especially grateful that you did because it led me to your site…great photos of Ilocos, never mind how the judges voted – you captured the charm of Ilocos in your photos. I’ve looked around your blog and like it very much.

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