8 thoughts on “PHOTOWALK IRIGA CITY”

  1. Great images (as always).

    I had to smile when I read that you didn’t consider street musicians as street photography – they’re about the only people I can photograph here in Melbourne without getting an angry glare. What is it about Australians in that they don’t like candid shots taken by strangers. Asians always smile for me, or just go about their daily business (if I take their photo).

    1. Surely I’m not treading on anyone’s toes there Vicki. But if I had the power to sway people into the more challenging air of SP I would. YOu dont actually need to go through the risk of being an annoyance to another person just to have a good sp. I would like to show (especially to you cause I can see how crazy you are for street shots) my few “winners” at the Black& which didnt require messing around with one’s space. Pls excuse my bragging rights, here it is

  2. A great series of photos. These below with the high class images that you have already shown. They are poignant, humorous, insightful. The colors really make the place come alive. Thank you.

  3. What wonderful photos, Elmer! You really do have an eye. Your pictures reminded me of a trip we took to Nicaragua a few years back. It looks so different that our part of the world.

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