1. Fantastic images.
    I especially like the 2nd image (of the Dragons dancing?) and the third from the end (with the man in black t-shirt arm out-stretched).

    Our Chinese New Year parade will be tomorrow, but with a very hot day forecast for Melbourne, I’ll have to stay indoors at home such a shame, as Chinatown will be ablaze with light, colour and riotous activity, and of course…..the colour red.

    1. Its unsafe to be in a crowd on such hot weather. Unless you are born in the year of the horse — which are said to be — energetic and love being in a crowd. If we have the same temperature here I would think twice about going here too. But right now we’re still enjoying the cool northeast winds. Be safe.

  2. Nice series. With the exception of the fireworks Chinese New Year was pretty quiet in Taichung, Taiwan. The first week of Chinese New Years is spent visiting families. As a result stores and restaurants in most of Taiwan were shut. We generally left Taiwan to visit another country since we didn’t have family there. The opening of the lantern festival about two weeks after the beginning of Chinese New Years was a lively event.

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