28 thoughts on “HUMANS OF MANILA (2)”

  1. Some of your photos are very poignant. This is particularly true with the last one. Then again, some are humorous. The light saber mural and the weight lifter in the department store. I always look forward to seeing your photos. Be safe and remain healthy.

      1. Yes, I think it is but as in any city caution is important. I was in Manila in 1998 for a couple of days and then went to Baguio City for a month. We were not in Manila long enough to get to know it but we really liked Baguio and the Philippine people. There are many heart warming stories in my mind.

      1. No, actually I live in the UK, but I have family in the Philippines so I spent 3 months in Angeles last year, beautiful county, my life actually revolves around saving to get there permanently at the moment.

  2. What fantastic images.
    You certainly have a great photographer’s eye for the extraordinary.
    Your photo compositions really are striking.

    1. I see you are from Mandaue. Capture the drama and the chaos of the place. The spot beneath the Fernan bridge is interesting, I went shooting under this bridge but on the Mactan side. Will be back someday for more. Thanks Joel

  3. > I rarely hear foreigners say those words

    Really? I suspect that attitude is from short-time tourists. I don’t know how anyone who spends any length of time living there cannot love the place. Such as all my high school pares. Of course, that was in the ’60s when Manila was very different, but it is still a beautiful country with the warmest people. And the most masarap foods!

    I don’t know if I previously mentioned my friend’s “Manila Nostalgia” website, with many photos of “old” Manila:

    1. No need to mention it, I follow Manila Nostalgia (and Pearl of the Orient too) in fb and never fails to enjoy the photos of the good old days, and the comments as well though I don’t belong to that era. (I am from the New Wave era actually.) How I wish I lived to see Manila in your days.

      Manila today — and Im talking about the Manila of Mayor Erap at least — is a neglected city. A decaying place.People have no respect for their city. Piss anywhere, spit anywhere, no sense of cleanliness/discpline, no aesthetic sense,tore down cultural heritages,fill the street with filth, no respect for the simplest rule and a lot more. Everytime I see a foreigner roaming the streets I am always afraid what’s on their mind.

      And Im not even comparing Manila to Manila of the 60s.I think Manila is the microcosm of the PHilippines. One day I’ll create a photoessay on this terrible place.

  4. I love these photos. A lot of them are very enigmatic and others really are a snap shot – like a blink of an eye into someone’s life.
    I’ve been to the Philippines twice and I think it’s one of my favourite places in the world. I always recommend my friends to go there.

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