16 thoughts on “GHOSTS LIKE US”

  1. Some really great images. I’m particularly taken with the skateboarders. The sky and part of the sidewalk is blown out it is so white. It makes the two skateboarders pop off the screen. The vertical image of the tall building with lots of almost abstract detail and the man walking between the two zebra crossing is really special. Since my screen is small I started viewing the image from the top down. I was very impresses with the almost abstract nature of the building and somewhat disappointed when I got to the name on of the building and the man. Then I noticed how the building and the zebra cross walks worked together. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. LOL. Im glad the asymmetrics of the building did the trick. I actually experimented some up-and-down scrollings with that image beforehand to watch the “disappointing” effect. Sharp observations Tim.

  2. Ace shots, as always. Our capacity for pretentiousness never fails to amaze me…what sort of exclusivity does this small, unknown, artificially constructed city possess, that photos aren’t allowed? Street photography and the documenting of day to day life are what helped make cities like New York and London the huge artistic icons that they are today. An undocumented city is an unremarkable city, and a forgettable one. Good on you for defying the “rules”…maybe more people will do that, and the little city will finally grow up to be a REAL city, someday.

    1. Business districts here are not tolerant of street togs Nat. Makati. Ortigas. BGC. Rockwell. It’s been that way since the 90’s. What is the Aristotelian rationale behind it I have no idea. Anyway, it’s fun to be a ninja 🙂

  3. Hello Elmer ~ Thank you for finding me. Great website here. This post seems to be a perfect addition. I would love to reblog this one please. No rush on your reply and thanks again 😉

      1. Will reblog this Post today at 6pm ~ Rocky Mountain Time. ;D I’m So happy to connect with you Elmer. Great website+ photography. I will take time to read your blog. Thank you so much!

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