9 thoughts on “MILLION PEOPLE MARCH”

  1. nice little echo you got going in #6. 😉 Heh heh.
    Always good to see the goings-on at home through your eyes. Wonder if anything will come of it. Our government has seen millions march before, same faces in power now as then (or their offspring).

    1. Elected officials are usually the thieves. Therefore, blame the people who put them in power — the electorate. And who are the electorate? The same people here in Luneta. Nyak!

      I doubt if something heavy will come out of this. This is the Philippines remember. We can do all the marchings we want but what this country really, REALLY needs, is to reinvent the government, to overhaul the system and — most importantly — a cultural fine-tuning.

      1. Correct, and we get the rulers we deserve. My own view of politicians is that if they want to be in government, they are automatically, by default, schmucks. Why would anyone want to become a cog in that filthy machine, unless they hoped to benefit themselves and their own families?

        My only consolation, Elmer, is that life is short. This is no world for people with integrity or strong principles. It is too discouraging.

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