25 thoughts on “NIAGARA IN MANILA”

  1. this is very depressing but i must mention, great captures too!
    may the sun shine its brightest and the floods subside the soonest in the philippines.
    God bless our country!

  2. Naku, eh ‘di naligo sa ulan ang Canon? Inspite of the circumstances, I have to say you kept your artist’s eye and took some great shots. No loss of a sense of humor there, either…paborito ko ang “Agua Vida Purified Drinking Water” to the left of a street filled with muddy flood water. And the two guys eating. Awesome. Grace under pressure. Too bad we never seem to learn, from year to year, and keep throwing the rubbish in the drains and rivers. 😦

    1. Antalas. I really included that Agua Vida to have some subliminal message. You never miss a trick Nat. Yung Canon naligo. At least hindi sa baha.

      1. Wehehe, dedicated butingting-izer…or demon hunter. The devil, as they say, is in the details. I was once accused/flattered of giving a deeper meaning to Every. Little. Thing. I like to get the message that’s underneath the message. πŸ˜‰

  3. I always marvel at the resilience of the people, when something like this happens. For example, your picture of the two men eating and their feet and lower legs completely flooded over. Some great shots, as usual, Elmer.

  4. Every year this is happening…I feel sad because it’s either the same if not similar problem. Though thank you for sharing these photos through WP. It is a reminder that we Filipinos outside our country should care more for our relatives left there, to think of them often, and look back where we came from. Beautiful , so beautiful shots.

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