23 thoughts on “PHOTOWALK CEBU CITY”

  1. amazing monochrome post about cebu! i love b&w and it’s nice to see cebu again! it has been ages since i last set foot in the queen city of the south.

    sarap ng danggit sa picture! 🙂

  2. Enjoying this new, black & white look very much. You can hide a bad photograph behind gorgeous colors, but when you desaturate, you really gotta have an eye for balance, contrasts, compositions, and so on. Hanggaleng, Elmer!

    1. I’m flinging with B&W at the moment and I really really needed the eye. Monotone shooting in my opinion is more on composition. And that’s challenge. And the fun. Thanks so much Nat!

  3. Wow, Black (and white) Beauties! 😉 Five thumbs up, pati ‘yung sa paa! Ang galing!

    Thanks for sharing them, Elmer. Para na rin akong nakapag-tour, katuwa!

    1. Salamat Ted. Truth is, I took these images a couple of months before being with blackandwhitestreet and I can tell you, this is travel photography. With BWS, I have eaten the bread of street photography.

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