Aliwan Festival 2013

8 thoughts on “Aliwan Festival 2013”

  1. amazing! i’m reading my timeline in fb filled with my fellows’ photos and posts about aliwan fiesta 2013 that just concluded, right? and here you are, elmer -you came up with an instant blog post!
    you got a great vantage point actually! i like those framing and quirky pictures you captured! nice!

    1. The footbridge idea was alright Doc but this was sundown and we were robbed of light. And worst of all — the footbridge was trembling with this army of spectators. Result = blurry pics

      Salamat Doc!

    1. Actually I’m not really happy with my shots since the parade started very very late (Punctuality is a very complicated thing for Pinoys) and the oras de peligro period — when light fades into darkness — is really not the best time for shooting. But I’m happy now that you’ve like it! Thanks Nat

      1. You can’t be everywhere at once…on the ground would probably get tighter compositions and detail, but that vantage point is also more common, and your pictures would have looked like all the others that got taken that day. This gives a good sense of scale and numbers, a real ‘parade’ feeling. 🙂 Just what I think.

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