6 thoughts on “Cenaculo”

    1. Most welcome Kathy. This is light compared to how horrible they stage the Passion of Christ — which has become a tourist drawer — up north in central Luzon.

    1. I agree with lostnchina; well documented.

      I’m quite secular in my ways but still a Christian. I’ve seen how people really do endure floggings and actual crucifixions in these types of passion plays around the world to demonstrate both how Christ died and their faith in him. I have to say that I too am disturbed by this as I was taught that Christ endured the real deal so that all of us wouldn’t have to. Worshiping him, and God, is intended to be much simpler.

      This social documentary photography essay is a profound and important eye opener, nevertheless.

      1. This is a so-so presentation of Lent scenes here. Perhaps you aint seen nothing yet. In a few weeks we’ll be treated to another occasion of floggings and I hope to chance upon the more awful. Thanks!

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