The House Of Bidibidi

15 thoughts on “The House Of Bidibidi”

  1. I would probably call Bidibidi as the mother of Bikolano artists, she supports all young artists in the region

      1. would appreciate it more if it were: “Batang Sora”? bwahahaha! thanks guys!

  2. your write-up tells me i just have to pay her a visit when i come home next. the house of bidi-bidi’s right in my gallery of interests. i am so happy and proud for you bidi-bidi… d’end (there’s only one in the family, remember?)

    1. manoy! omg! it has been ages! i definitely look forward to your visit. if you can make it on april 6, 5pm, i will be celebrating my gold, then, and opening my solo, it would be best! yehey! seeya! ps., i know there is only one in the family. bwahahaha! ♥

  3. Astig! Love artist’s homes, they’re always such an inspiring hybrid of harmony and passion. And eccentricity. 😉 I’m astounded that I never met her, in the days when I covered the arts scene for Business World Online. BTW I spent a whole summer with the de los Santos clan of Iriga…any relation, I wonder?

    1. I really wish I can tell,Nat. But I will try to have Ms. Bidibidi reply to you on this one. Ikaw ang astig, Business World Online? summer in Iriga City? I d like to know more bout u Nat

    2. Hi! Thanks! my father was Leopoldo B. De Los Santos and was from iriga City. They had a house in front of the old Pantranco/Philtranco terminal in San Nicolas, the house however, was not able to withstand super typhoon reming in 2006.

      1. Hi, Bernadette! (or Bidibidi? 😉 ) I must ask my old highschool classmate whether she’s related, and how. You have such an amazing home, the kind of mad and joyful environment I imagine Frida Kahlo must have created in. Thanks for getting back to me, and it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you here, at a virtual coffeeshop in Elmer’s Malate. 😉
        xx Nat

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