All The King’s Men Can Never Put Those Reefs Together Again

It’s hurting every minute to resist not to howl my loudest yelp about the sad circumstance that has hit Tubbataha Reef. As of this writing, the damage to the national marine park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and nominee for the New 7 Wonders of Nature — is at 1,000 square meters. That’s almost a fourth of an acre of Mother Nature’s work of art — all a hundred years in the making — gone to smithereens. All the king’s men and horses can never put those brittle reefs together again!

Nobody wants this thing to happen, yes, but everybody wants to know what’s the business of the USS Guardian out there in that part of the Sulu Sea and how could a state-of-the-art minesweeper gets to be so blind as to scrubbing fragile reefs! Whatever, all eyes now on the extrication. Man and machine. The longer this tonnage sits its ass on those rocks, the bigger destruction it will inflict. We pray for an immediate heroism on this one.

Photo from the UNESCO folder

7 thoughts on “All The King’s Men Can Never Put Those Reefs Together Again

  1. Reblogged this on Life Beyond the Depths and commented:
    I been silent about the devastation of a paradise called Tubbataha Reefs, I just can’t believe this is happening with all the modern navigational equipments a watercraft must have, much less a US warship! And what are they doing in the sulu Seas?
    I dove in Tubbataha Reefs almost two years ago and I was teary-eyed when I got the news, how disheartening!

  2. I have been under the sea and it’s fantastic to say the least. And where i have been is not even Tubbataha! imagine that.

  3. It’s painful to see them do this to us. I mean, I’m not anti-US or anything, it has nothing to do with that, but sheer lack of speed and sensible development on the issue bothers me.

    Well, at least the government is entertaining us with the best senate telenovela. *switches on tv*

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