With This Note I’d Like To Thank Everybody And Sorry For Spamming Y’all

When the Germany-Philippines Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched the Mabuhay Germany 2012 Photo Competition, wherein entry/entries with the most number of LIKEs on Facebook wins, a lot of photo warriors gave their thumbs down to the invitation, airing one common argument: “it’s a popularity contest, not a photo competition.” They say it’s a numbers game. Plain and simply not fair. Hideous. Not a glorious way to win such a talent and creativity event, there’s no pride in it. Worst of all, it promotes spamming.

I couldn’t agree more. Marketing strategies + Facebook’s Like button — as in this case — is detrimental to the essence of a genuine photo competition, as Instagram is to photography. But..I did went for it anyway didn’t I? Why?

Because, after a closer look at the competition rules, I found it’s really not all about brainwashing FB friends (and the unknowns) to click on that LIKE button. Not that easy. These Germans, they don’t just give preise hands down! Look, when they had the Mabuhay Germany fair last Sunday at the BGC, they were giving away bottles of crisp and dark Paulaner Salvator for free. But only if you can hit the football and shoot it at the hole in the wall for three consecutive shots! I tried and can’t even get one in.

There’s no such thing as a free German beer.

As I was saying, contest mechanics state that the top three winners will be picked from among the 10 most “liked” entries (out of hundreds submitted) by a panel of German professional jury. Which means, it’s all in the hands of these judges and so numbers don’t really guarantee victory. Which means, there’s grace and glory in all this after all.

Paramount to that — t’was fun!

Clockwise from Top: Moment of decision; Gawky 2nd Runner-up pose; 2nd Runner-up with the beauteous Ms. Melanie SchultesNow the 2nd runner-up would like to express his genuine thanks to all those who responded to his unsolicited call (It’s called spam, student.) at such a short notice, you know who you are, and promised not to give you further ado the next time.

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