Crowd Drawer

How could someone, traveling in a foreign land, find so much time to be buried in some matters other than exploring the place? I mean, in all my travel experience, I can say that days are short and time is fast. And there’s a whole lot of things to see so you got to be ALWAYS on the move. In Robert Alejandro’s case, he must have blown a huge portion of his travel time sitting, making sketches.

The book, The Sketching Backpacker, is about his 3-month circumnavigation of Southeast Asia and portions of China. Complete with stories of inexpensive tour across nine countries, matter-of-fact travel tips and, unbelievably — sketches. You see, Robert Alejandro is another differently striped voyager, he prefers traveling with a sketching pad and some gel pens instead of DSLR or compact camera.

Let me leave you now with a peek at some of the book’s interesting pages. Gotta run. Timeisfast.

De Tham street, Vietnam

Bangkok street food

Bangkok street food

Hikers Youth Hostel, Shanghai

Hikers Youth Hostel, Shanghai

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Macau, ChinaMacau, China

Penang, MalaysiaPenang, Malaysia

French woman Mademoiselle

Dining beside the Mekong RiverDining beside the Mekong River

Petronas Twin TowersPetronas Twin Towers

Coffee shop right beside Backpacker's Inn, SingaporeCoffee shop right beside Backpacker’s Inn, Singapore

Aboard a Chinese trainAboard a Chinese train

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