Cagbalete Island 101

10 thoughts on “Cagbalete Island 101”

  1. Hello Elmer,

    We went to Cagbalete last Holy Week, and were also surprised when they hailed our vehicle and asked to pay such fees. According to some locals, many do not agree with the immediate memorandum which only began during the Holy Week 2012, however, it was explained that Environmental Fee is legal since it is a Republic Act something something, the rest, that I’m not sure.

    The boat fare is actually P40.00 only excluding the other charges. Hopefully, if the charges increase, it is for the development of the Mauban, not in the pockets of corrupt politicians.

    Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy your journeys. =)

    This was my recent Cagbalete Island trip:

    1. I don’t know what is the rationale in having locals/tourists shoulder these fees when municipalities are already bloated with funds. And this has become the trend: everytime a place becomes a sought-after destination –enter DOT, DENR, Republic Acts, additional taxes, fees etc. Local governments know when and where to cut our throats.

  2. I love the pooped out dory. Tourism in the developing world is such a mixed bag of delights and despair…I love how everyone pulls the “environmental protection fee” card, these days, to make just one more dollar. The resort I worked on in Palawan at least charged $25 per head for that noble reason…I don’t ever remember the said fee being separated from the profits, at the end of the day, though. It’s just a good way to make a little more money look ‘official’. 😉 Lemme know when you’re heading for El Nido, I don’t keep a blog about it, but oh the glorious and seedy things I could tell you about that place, Elmer…

    1. $25! That’s mortal sin! Worse, if you ask about these crookedness, the profiteers always has a “ready, good, justifiable” answer. At least the delights still outnumber the despairs. What about those seedy things in El Nido? Let’s hear some exposés Nat

  3. What a sweetheart you are to include me 🙂 My youth was full of travel, I think it sinks into reside in your blood. Alas, my husband is not a traveler, so seeing your pictures from the other side of the world is such a delight, you capture essence so well.
    Best weekend to you 😉

  4. One on top of my wishlist or planlist when I retire is to go around the Philippines and explore and take shots of beautiful islands and nature’s wonders such as this. Caramoan and an Iloilo which I forgot the name, were just few I wast truly amazed of. Can’t wait till I get forty-ish to see and experience beautiful places in our country.

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