Notes From A Long Weekend

15 thoughts on “Notes From A Long Weekend”

  1. “But you see, I cannot be reduced to an ant-like existence. There should always be a generous amount of leisure in one’s lifetime.”

    I definitely agree.

  2. wow! wow! kudos for the great shots Kuya Elmer , I like all the photos most especially the 1st and 2nd.. it was xoxo green.. my favorite πŸ™‚ where exactly that place? where in Bicol I wanna go there.. Keep rocking Buddy!


  3. OMG you just triggered a memory! Spent Semana Santa in Iriga, when I was “just a young and innocent lass” fresh out of H.S….I remember Lake Buhi, and climbing a million steps to God-knows what thing at the top, though most memories have been lost in an alcohol-induced haze. But I remember this! A 13-hour bus ride at night back to Manila + someone gave me my first-ever joint = everyone on that bus wanted to murder me. Happy days! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the trip, Elmer (er, down memory lane, that is)

    1. So Janis Joplin went around Bicolandia in her heydays. The 13-hour ride, you must’ve taken the Daet route. There’s a shorter way now–via the Quirino hi-way. No idea about that million steps in Lake Buhi. But it seems interesting. You must have gone HIGHER!

      And Nat, I think I left a piece of my mind in your About page I cant rmember when. Whatever happened to that…..

      1. You did? There’s nothing there, and certainly I would not have deleted a comment from such a prestigious visitor! Maybe it was telepathic, this piece of your mind? πŸ˜‰ Now who is having hallucinations, ha? Baka naman you wote it on YOUR about page…I’ll go check…

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