Kawa-Kawa Hill

Kawa-Kawa Hill

My little couch potato here’s got nothing to smile about. He’s right in the middle of an early afternoon hike to the caldera of Kawa-Kawa Hill. An arduous trek which is very very anomalous from his comfortable world of Ben Ten and Disney Channel.

Ligao town from the caldera of Kawa-Kawa

Though I tried to sway him into the serenity of the place, the birds, fresh crisp air and the panorama, nothing here is worthy of a serious attention to such unaffected mind. Not even the ghostly landmarks on the hill — the 14 Stations of the Cross.

The Distance Between Us

Kawa-Kawa Hill, which rises at an elevation of 200++ meters, overlooking the peaceful little town of Ligao here in Albay, is an eco-tourist cum religious park established by the Carmelite Nuns of the Holy Trinity.

Dubbed “The Lung of Ligao”, Kawa-Kawa Natural Park is dead set to its no.1  rule — no smoking. As well as to a dozen more no-no’s for visitors which includes playing loud rock music and — at the least for Romeos and Juliets — public display of affection.

The Crowning of Thorns

Kawa-Kawa’s Stations of the Cross (ironically a product of political generosity), is a series of representations depicting Christ’s sufferings from Condemnation to Death. The imposing sculptures serve as subjects of pilgrimage for faithful Catholics during the Season of Lent especially on Good Friday.

Acceptance of the Cross

The Women of Jerusalem

Enter Simon of Cyrene

The Crucifixion

Nailed to the Cross

Death on the Cross


Entombment of Christ

On ordinary days, Kawa-Kawa Hill makes an excellent pit stop for motorists riding the lonesome Maharlika Highway. At the bosom of the hill is a picnic grove where you can take five while enjoying your crispy pili nut OR, have fun with some feathered creatures at the bird sanctuary.

Dios Mabalos!

Lord, you gave me a mountain

5 thoughts on “Kawa-Kawa Hill

  1. That’s interesting how the scene was just there. its really nice and appropriate for Easter coming up
    Nice short of the OWL. i would have freaked out lol

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