The China Experience: Mementos Speak

15 thoughts on “The China Experience: Mementos Speak”

      1. They do, ant hills not so much into mountains as comprising an integral part of the land.

  1. this one’s a clever, amusing and INSPIRING post, elmer!
    pwede ko bang gayahin minsan? hehehe… i like it, ang husay! 😀

    ps : pardon my being less tech-savvy, but how did you come up with wonderful pics of your mementons? photographed? scanned? or photoshop? please don’t tell me that it’s the latter, i don’t do that but nothing against who does. SALAMAT PO!

  2. and if i may state, you’re so lucky for having been sponsored to china. i know the feeling –i had the same last 2010 for 14 days in tokyo (work related) then i was blessed to be invited to HKDL last feb 17-19 with 5 other bloggers to enjoy it with my family. incidentally, im running a series about it, you’re so invited to peek.

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