The Worst Airport Has The Best Smoking Lounge

13 thoughts on “The Worst Airport Has The Best Smoking Lounge”

  1. wow, never been to china so thanks for the trip less the visa! this chinese airport is something.

    ps : thanks, elmer for visiting and commenting my blog. i will go back to your previous posts soon; perhaps after our holiday in HKDL this weekend (as i post this, we’re about to leave to KL then to HKIA to grace the invitation of that wonderful theme park). anyways, i’ll link you up with my site. glad to found new blog to frequent! thanks again! astig ang mga photos mo. ang husay!

  2. Photos are great as well as the write ups. I enjoyed reading your articles and looking at those photos. Makes me feel like seeing those places someday.

  3. After you’d stopped through I came by to gander at the “kid” that “talked” like me. The only thing I’ll say is that I believe you grew up near a lot of plowed dirt, and your MOS is fairly steep. ‘Ya’ got’s CHOPS KID’ !
    But, being wrong ‘sall-ight’.
    “D”/ om

  4. With all those photos you and flawless detail, you make me miss my jet-setting days. Enjoy your smoke 😉

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