Behind Every Wine Glass Is A Woman

7 thoughts on “Behind Every Wine Glass Is A Woman”

  1. Exquisite! I imagine they export this too. With regards to your question…because women are delicate…literally and figuratively. So everything they put their hands on, they handle with care and precision.

    1. Yes Chila, these companies are bigtime exporters and they cover the whole world. So the next time you take a hold of a copita while doing your recipes, this might cross your mind.

  2. Great photos first of all. It takes a hand of a woman to create a wonderful craft. I agree with chilajem, every single detail is handled with precision. The elaborative nature and style of women are seen obviously on the artwork of each piece.

  3. These images are gorgeous! Have you been to the glass studios in Venice? We didn’t get to Murano but have visited a Murano glass studio just off St. Mark’s Piazza. BTW you’re gutsy to smuggle in your Rebel into the shop? I should be so daring!

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