Baijiu Can Tear Down Walls

9 thoughts on “Baijiu Can Tear Down Walls”

  1. I don’t care what you say, Elmer. You can cut my tongue out of my mouth, but I will never agree with you that baijou is good. But if it makes you FEEL good, I guess that’s all that matters.

  2. Is there a piece of you that you would rather not have cut and agree with me? O come on now Susan get down from that steakhouse pedestal of yours and level with this cheap wine drinker for once.

  3. Your comments have made me very curious about “baijiou” i’m going to have to give this stuff a go!..
    Nice post elmer…

  4. I see. But won’t you be my baijiu drinking companion? No, ok, to drink and get drunk in a foreign land, with a foreign company is fun enough. Baijiu, pijiu, anything. (I say..When in China, drink as the Chinese do)And Susan, my next one will be dedicated to u

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