Toe-to-toe With The Terracotta Warriors

15 thoughts on “Toe-to-toe With The Terracotta Warriors”

  1. Wow, a great post!
    This is one site I didn’t get to while I was in China but now, thanks to your blog, I feel like I’ve been there. Excellent write-up and pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whoa! You brought us there!
    I’m one of those who had to settle for ‘pirated’ versions from a souvenir shop miles from Xian. I’ve never seen the Terracotta Warriors up close so thanks for this. 🙂

  3. Hey Elmer! As usual, you took me there! I’d never heard of the TCWs before, so I thank you for sharing something new. Pics were wonderful, par usual.

    1. Hi Sheila! Long time no hear. I don’t know but perhaps the movie was derived from yes, the terracotta warriors. Creepy? It’s bizarre down there. The smell, the air and the eerie feeling.

  4. I want to go here too!! But unlike you, remembering the magazine you first read about these stone warriors, i’ll remember your blog! 😀 thank you for this! wonderful pictures!

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