“We Can All Dream Again”

3 thoughts on ““We Can All Dream Again””

  1. Last July 2010, my Aussie friend who is based in Cebu went bar hopping in Malate together with his Aussie wife, his wife’s daughter from a former marriage and the boyfriend of the daughter. They were accosted by 2 policemen bringing armalites for the reason that the 2 males in their group were bringing a beer bottle each. They were brought to the police station and were told to pay a fine of P10,000 for each of the bottle otherwise they would be detained. Since they do not have a ready P20,000 cash at that time, the 2 policemen accompanied them to the nearest ATM machine. Upon returning to the police station, there were a total of 5 policemen who were all waiting for the easy cash. Mr. President, how can you lure foreign nationals to this country if even the law enforcers are corrupt? That night, there were Filipinos also roaming around Malate being a bar hopping area. Pinoys were also tagging along with them some drinks but these policemen deliberately victimize foreigners who are afraid and will surely just pay!

    Those who want to check if this is true, this was put in the blotter stating that these foreigners were released unharmed by the policemen. My friend, when asked to sign, just put an X mark on the blotter.

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