Freshly Pressed-tration

7 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed-tration”

  1. I’m still awaiting this fresh feeling you’ve experienced. I see you have to put in a lot of work to get it in first.

    Congrats and thanks for sharing the aftermath.

  2. Thrice. First was “Red White Dog Day Afternoon.” Second, “Cool Pueblo Plunge” which was short-lived (Lasted for some hours only. Former WordPress editorial czar Joy Victory, for some reason, decided to pull it out immediately). The latest was “Snack Street” which I believe is where you found me. 🙂

    1. Aha! Hence your question about the nudity in the pictures of the “Cool Pueblo” post. I had to look at the post again. I think the last picture may have done it (the boy’s shorts may have opened a little too much to warrant the quick Fresh Pressed pull out). I don’t think I have come across the “Red White Dog Day” post yet. I am trying to peruse your blog posts backwards. =) I am amazed I’m in the presence of a “blogging king” – to be Freshly Pressed three times! Congrats on that!

  3. MOst flattering,thank you very much Sheila. Here’s the link for the Red White . At the time (when this post made it under Photography category) I don’t even care about Freshly Pressed, I don’t even know what FP is, I don’t have any idea what it could do. Until Cool PUeblo came along and I realized the power of being on the “much coveted FP.” But you know what it brought me? Heartache. LOL. So from then on I promised myself to be back with vengeance. And Snack Street redeemed me. haha. And hey thanks for the tweet!

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