NU’s Grill

3 thoughts on “NU’s Grill”

  1. I knew Len B. way back KOMPIL II days.Her cute little voice is her major camouflage. She appears to be sweet but she’s really “mataray”. But her greatest talent is getting into the group without letting people noticing that she is just a gatecrasher.

    1. sure,she is very “mataray” and instigator too.she’s got that smirck on her face every time she speaks and most of the time are baseless and nonsense..she lied a lot especially about arroyo;s health condition.After major surgeries you will lose weight,get depressed.unable to eat,etc,etc.but those are expected after undergoing surgery yet she insisted on saying arroyo is these and that,so stupid of her and lambino.he he lol.I hope and pray that she will stop tooting her horns too’s getting to be a laughing stock among the medical profession SHE IS PUBLICITY HUNGRY.She even wants the press to be aLLOWED INSIDE VMMC during arroyo’s transfer.they make so many demands.I am sure that they forgot that arroyo is not the president anymore but a detainee.

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