Cool Pueblo Plunge

23 thoughts on “Cool Pueblo Plunge”

  1. I love the Philippines. And I love this post. So different from the waterborne cliches one expects. Will check it out next time we’re in town

  2. looks like my fellow Pakileños and our municipality owes you one. Having so many responses, you helped us promote our local tourist spot involving the “Nuestra Señora delos Dolores de Turumba ” Nice shots ‘mer! …Otaylaro!

  3. Super plunging worldclass masterpiece!Winner! Pak! Great job capturing these pueblo acrobats having a blast jumping and turning out loud!!! These souls have great courage to fly and soar!
    Cold spring with miraculous powers from the mysterious womb of the earth only in Turumba Spring Resort, Baño Street Pakil Laguna, Philippines 🙂
    Thanks for continuing to share your wonderful photography . Nice “touch”. Keep on rollin’

  4. Nice catch! Wonderful gallery with very interesting facts.

    @chen What is your wordpress site? You can blog so well , i can feel you have the passion. A sense of touch and humor in writing.

  5. Amazing gallery with its content makes me wanna visit ur Philippines. Havent traveled for so long. Thank you for sharing, elmer.

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