“National Mental Hospital, How May I Help You Sir?”

7 thoughts on ““National Mental Hospital, How May I Help You Sir?””

  1. What would you do when people borrow money from you and refuse to pay up on the promised date? And avoid you every time you hear from you…and keep on pushing it until you stop looking for them?

    Now imagine you are running a business lending money…and people refuse to pay up! See where I am getting?

    You talk like it is a sin to pay up what you borrow!

    Its very simple actually…don’t borrow if you are not capable of paying it back. Period.


    1. Must’ve made a wrong impression that this is about credits and payments because it’s not. Here’s a clue: attitude. Assuming your point, please refer to paragraph 2 starting with “Dont get me wrong.”

  2. Well Said Elmer,

    I will never forget a collection agent who called when I stopped making making payments on my dell laptop. She was so nasty and rude for absolutely no reason. I simply explained to her that I had a car accidnet and was hospitalized for over two months and I couldnt get back to work yet and she even presided to tell me that she hoped I had died in the car crash – what nerve this woman had – she was like a demon from hell – I remember my mom took the phone from me and cursed her like I have never seen( This is very rare for my mom) but that lady was so out of line and all for a mere $900 payment – guess what after that little scenerio I never paid them and till this day Im so happy I didnt – she and dell can eat it.

  3. others would pretend to deliver balik bayan box from a relative. If you are unknowing and you are shying away from them, this scheme of them works… from a friend’s experience.

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