The Picture Window

2 thoughts on “The Picture Window”

  1. Very nice indeed! Great captures of crimson sky. It slows life down enough and pause for a while that I can see things and explore before as I crashed through reality. Looking for the next adventure of life imagination… kinda peaceful to see a sunrise and orkney sunsets. It tells a story that appeals to the imagination of our great minds. A tale about a wispy cloud that just wouldn’t give up in every complicated life. It kept clinging to this setting sun all the way down to the sea, reluctant to let it go and watch it finally slip below the horizon. That cloud, which resembled an artist passion. It reveals so much of your human cliche. You have to stop and stare long enough to take a snapshots. Swiftly flow in a glimpse from the blinds and top of BCNP. Bravo!! hehe ..Lols..O-O

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